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Thespian Troupe 191 Intiation
2019 SPRING Initiation week will be the first week of May. The Initiation Banquet and Ice Cream Social will be at 4:00pm - 5:30pm that Friday. All new initiates will receive an invitation to the initiation based on total pts earned. (see the information below for specifics)

Trinity Madison (STO/Diversity)

Ethan Ryan (Tech)

Joe Castleman (One Acts) 

Aidan Kurtz (PR Officer)

Basil Sessen (Shakespeare)
Amelia Griesedieck (Apprentice)

Eva Berger (Apprentice)

Annalise McCann (Apprentice)

Congrats to the

New 2018-2019

Thespian Troupe 191 Initiates!!!

Spring Initiation 2018

First General Meeting Fall 2018

Troupe 191 Is an honors business fraternity offered to high school theater departments around the world and is ran by the EdTA. It's purpose is to provide additional theater education online, an easier path to communicate between troupes and the sponsors/teachers, and state/national thespian conferences for the active troupes with productions from other schools presented nightly. We feel that all theater department's have a responsibility to make theater visible and seen as a valuable part of every high school student's curriculum options and extracurricular activity options. We feel that this is only accomplished through the efforts of the administrators, teachers, students, parents and community all working together to support the artistic efforts being made. 
Student Officers (and Apprentices) are selected by Mr. Schaefer and Mrs. Romanowski to represent Troupe 191 and Webster Groves High School Drama Department each year. These representatives provide personal service hours to the troupe and usually will hold their office for at least one semester.
Their responsiblities include: Organizing the general meetings, organizing and facilitating the one acts festivals, planning a winter banquet and Spring Initiation banquet. They organize and participate as team leaders at the two fundraisers in the Fall. Each Officer is responsible for a specific activity during the year, and they are a sounding board and think tank along with the troupe sponsor(s) at officer meetings. 
The International Thespian Society (I.T.S.) is a reputable organization that is sponsored by the EdTA (The Education Theater Association). Our troupe honors most of their guidlines/rules, and we use a points rubric to determine all membership invitations. It is tabulated awarded points based on time worked. 
Membership is determined by the hours worked by its members. This includes all facets of work in the department. The fraternity is represented by all of the students who have been initiated and all of the students working toward initiation. Anyone who dedicates their time and energy to the WG Drama Department during the after school hours is a candidate for induction after 100 hours (10 pts).
Points can sometimes be slightly adusted from student to student based on each student's own work. This is determined by Mr. Schaefer, and we can trust his judgement he has been doing this a long time. Points are not awarded for the work done in one of our department's classes.)
REMINDER: Please provide Mr. Schaefer with a resume of any work you have done with the WG Drama Department. Ask a current officer to get a worksheet if you need help. We need to get your points charted. Once we get your pts calculated we will track them for you until you graduate.

MEETINGS/Auditions: There is one general meeting at the beginning of the year and Auditions are held before production starts on each show. The officers continue to meet throughout the year.
Please don't ask to be an Officer...if you show you are officer material you will be asked. Work extremely hard on whatever it is that we are working on in the department...make theater!
Producing a full season of theater takes a lot of time from a lot of people. Sometimes it can feel like our little theater family, but our Troupe exists for a higher purpose than just the social benefits of our community. Our Troupe works to make art and provide a service. The art we are making matters and we have a moral obligation to continue our involvement with the theater even after we are done academically. 
Our department awards those students who help us with this mission and with their dedication they eventually receive an invitation to join the troupe in the Spring. 
Each year the troupe attends at least one Thespian conference and troupe members are invited to attend* (state conference costs, travel expenses and other applicable fees apply).



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